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Indoor Air Awareness Lesson: Airborne Mold Spores

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Indoor Air Awareness Lesson: Airborne Mold Spores

Since COVID-19 and now COVID19 (new strain) coming into out midst more consumers are wondering what is in the air they breathe, considering they are spending a considerable amount of time at home for school and work, consumers want to know is there anything else to be concerned about.  The answer is YES!  Although issues on pollution is a political hot potatoe, COVID19 is taking the lives of people around the world within weeks of contracting the virus BUT the other stuff in the air takes a bit longer!  For this lesson, we will talk MOLD SPORES.

Mold is tough to eliminate because it can grow in wall cracks, carpet fibers and other difficult-to-reach areas.  Did you know that you are surrounded by mold spores, both indoors and outdoors. They range in size from three to 40 microns, less than half the width of a human hair, allowing them to float in the air sight unseen.

As mold spores float through the air, they eventually come to settle on a surface. If the conditions are right, the mold spores begin generating thread-like cells called hyphae, which absorb nutrients allowing mold to grow in hard to reach spaces.  So what this means is our challenge as consumers is to eliminate mold spores while they are in the air before they settle in carpet or other hard to reach spaces.


Mold Spores can cause serious health problems because they are smaller than pollen grains, they can be ingested into the respiratory system without getting trapped by the normal filtering process of the nose hairs.

Inhaling mold spores can trigger allergic reactions and result in upper respiratory ailments like wheezing, coughing and itchy, runny eyes. In some cases, people who are particularly sensitive may suffer asthma attacks.

The best mold treatment is PREVENTION

To prevent Mold from settling in your home Air Purifier Systems has real systematic approaches to relieving your home of office from Mold.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags  these bags are made of activated bamboo charcoal which is proven to adsorb airborne mold, excessive moisture and odors that contribute to a festive mold environment.  However bamboo charcoal does not recirculate clean air in a room and is not powerful enough to adsorb all airborne mold in a r large room or office, so you have to team them with an air purifier.  Air Purifier Systems has the Internets largest selection of mold fighting, clean air recirculating machines!  These machines all contain different forms of technology designed to eliminate mold like HEPA filters, (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters), Safe Ozone Emitters, UVLight and PCO technologies that all kill mold as they are pulled into the machines and killed on contact.  

For more information please contact Air Purifier Systems (833) 427-6622


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