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Quality versus Value Brands in Air Purification

Posted by Leo Petal on

Quality versus Value Brands in Air Purification

Hi, my name is Leo Petal, I am the CEO of Air Purifier Systems and over the past 6 months, in an effort to understand my air purifier customers on a deeper level I installed a Quiz Funnel on our home page.  The funnel image features Dr. Tamika Patilla, MD, Pediatrician urging you to take the quiz.  The point of this blog is to highlight what we learned from the Quiz Funnell results that I will share with you that brings light to the choices consumers have to make in the world of Air Purification, do you want quality results or value results.

Quality is defined as, "the degree of excellence of something." Value is defined "as the importance, worth, or usefulness of something."  With these definitions in mind, let's get started.

I'll start with value brands because it is here where we learned the most from our quiz funnel results.  67% of our respondents were woman who wanted to purchase an air purifier for airborne dust contaminants to cover an area of 1800 square foot for $400.  I did some research and found that air purifier brands like Medify, Colzar, Oransi, Shark, Alen BreathSmart, Winix and Air Oasis all have models for $400 or less that all cover 500 SQUARE FEET OR LESS, however you will find some models that promote UP TO 1800 Sq. Ft.  What is going on here?  #1, The Air Purification industry is not heavily regulated, therefore brands can make ANY claim they want without being punished by a government for false or misleading information.  That being said, customers who buy many of these models are looking for a VALUE and have not researched WHAT makes an Air Purifier a solution to your indoor air concerns.  It's like buying a desktop fan to cool an entire room, the closest you are to the fan, the cooler you will be, the further away you are from the fan, the less effective the fan will be.  This analogy is true with air purification as well.  If you want a high quality air purifier, you have not pay for it.

For example, Austin Air lowest priced air purifier is around $714, comes with a 4 year warranty on the HEPA and Carbon filters and these air purifiers come on wheels because they are not light, they all weigh 50 pounds or more.  HEPA filtration is a high quality standard of air filtration, strong FAN motors are the 2nd most important element, Austin Air's are 400 Cubic Feet Per Minute!  These types of components are NOT inexpensive, however they are Medical Grade and High Quality!  These machines have very few if any plastic components on them, their outer shell is made of metal to prevent the air purifier from creating gases from the plastic outer shell like many of the value air purifiers I pointed out.  

In closing, value choices in air purification are often the result of a lack of understanding about HOW an Air Purifier FUNCTIONS and WHAT components are BEST and therefore I strongly encourage you to take out 15 minute course, The Art of Air Purification, inside of this 3 part series, you will learn about the history, function and best options that are available in air purification!  In our opinion at Air Purifier Systems, you need all the clean air you can get!

Leo Petal