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The Art of Purifying Indoor Air

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The Art of Purifying Indoor Air

There are so many air purifiers out there, so many brands, technology and suppliers it's difficult to know what is BEST for you, rather than just selling the air purifier we got manufactured and put our name on. We realized that customers just want a solution to remove harmful dust, pet dander, allergens, pathogens and chemical odors from a 1800 square foot room with 8 foot ceilings for $400!  Is that about right? The truth is air purifiers less than $400 exist (there are a ton) however, they have a CFM of less than 300 and you need about 560 CFM to actually clean the air in an 1800 square foot room or space.  You will learn to do the math in the following courses. Considering, all Purifiers are NOT built the same, they all have similar components which you will also learn about in the following courses.

So now you are asking, why is it so difficult to choose the best one for me and my family?  Well, that's why we created this course, to educate you on air purifiers so you can make the best decision for your family and your overall HEALTH!

Air purifiers have been around for longer than you think.  In the following 6 minute course, Problems You Didn't Know Air Purification Will Solveyou learn the HISTORY of air purification and how air purifying was born with the worst air pollutants imaginable and how air pollution solutions will benefit your family! 

Get your pen and take notes and remove all your distractions!  

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Problems You Didn't know air Purification Will Solve

Click Here for Problems You Didn't Know Air Purification Will Solve

Remember at the conclusion of this course you will receive a clues to a code for 10% be sure to write them down and you will need to review ALL 3 courses to get ALL the clues! 

I know your mind is like wow after completing Problems you Didn't Know Air Purification Will Solve!  That course is packed with the basic essentials you need to understand air purification.  That said, let's keep moving forward with our next course: How to Monitor, Evaluate and Analyze Your Air Quality.  At the conclusion of this course you will understand the steps you need to take to make a fact based decision of air purification versus an educated guess!  Remember you will receive your send clue within this course so pay close attention!


Click Here to Begin: How to Monitor, Evaluate and Analyze Indoor Air Quality

Get to work right now on these steps and begin to build an air quality system in your home or business that you can brag to your friends and family about!  We need more people bragging about their air quality! Why?  Because Air Quality is KING!  Thin: You breathe 10-30,000 breathes a day and it only takes one bad inhale or exhale and it could be fatal for you or someone you love! 



Does Size Matter in Air Purification?

That's a wrap on this series of teaching you fundamentally how to CHOOSE the BEST air purifier for you!  Take everything you learned in the previous two courses and the knowledge you need to make a decision and you are ready to make an educated decision.  Plus now you have the final clues to a 10% off Coupon Code and not only that for a LIMITED TIME: Dr. Patilla wants to give you a PERSONALIZED AIR PURIFICATION RECOMMENDATION for your 10% coupon code discount to make this process easier!!!!  




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