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Since 2018, Air Purifier Systems has been on a mission to provide all natural and safe indoor methods to purifying indoor air.


Our first air purifier was the Leo Petal Bamboo Charcoal Bag. We designed and sourced our first order of Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags from China.


Throughout 2019 we were selling bags on Amazon and we had a 5 Star rating for our product from 20 customer reviews.


Then we expanded in 2020 with local partners like Mustard Seed and Market in Fairlawn, OH.

Mid 2020, we expanded from air purifying bags to Medical Grade Air Purifiers. 


We wanted to be the source of the BEST Air Purifiers Money can buy.  Why?  It's the healthiest thing you can do for yourself!


This expansion created an opportunity to serve commercial spaces and retail customers who opened up different segments within air purifiers.


Our selection became specific to in door air needs like allergy, smoke, chemicals, MCS, formaldehyde, HEPA and over 40 combinations of carbon filters to meet any customers needs!


We now serve both the residential and commercial customers all over the United States.


The spreading of airborne viruses is creating a "woke atmosphere" about the dangers and harms of airborne contaminants.


We are an authorized dealer to commercial brands like Austin Air,  Airpura, Aller-Air and Electrocorp with medical grade filters like HEPA, SUPER HEPA, ULTRA HEPA and over 40 Carbon filtration combinations! 


Complimentary to our air filtration products, we offer Alorair Smart dehumidifiers for a one stop shopping catalog of the best air purification systems for your home.

In 2022, we introduced Clean Air for Life that provided a Lifetime Warranty on parts and service, free shipping for life, dedicated service reps and auto filter replacement subscriptions.


This is our hallmark of our collection of medical grade premium air purification equipment complimented with 1st class customer service and support for the life of the unit.

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