COVID-19 has shifted how we all think about the air around us, but since 2018, Air Purifier Systems has made it our long-standing mission to raise awareness on indoor pollutants – mold, pesticides, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, etc. – and provide the solution to healthier, safer air with our air purifier systems.

Air Purifier Systems began as a solution for non-toxic alternatives to the athletic sweaty stinky clothes lifestyle that my family and I live. As a practicing physician I did not like the odor associated with stinky clothes and we didn’t like the toxic sprays and plugins either because they say on their labels, don’t inhale. Not only that we were excessively spending $1000’s a year on these toxic products that were harming and stressing our family’s bodies with their horrible fragrance. So, I ordered a charcoal bag from a source in China and learned it also lasted up to 2-years, I was sold and I wanted everyone to experience the bamboo charcoal difference as a contemporary all natural product that is big value to earth enthusiasts, earth herself and the space it’s working. So, we decided our bags needed a way to hang from a boot or a knob and contribute casually to the aesthetics of the room it’s in, safely. We added quality rope hooks instead of metal ones and decided instead of paper tags our tags are sewn into the bag and clearly state the contents, use, weight and the Leo Petal and Sneakerhead Fresssh brands. Bamboo charcoal is 100% recyclable and healthy for plants and flower as a compost to adsorbs excess moisture in the soil to fight mold and mildew. The Natural Aroma bags are 200- and 500-Gram bags that deodorize and dehumidifies spaces up to 100 and 250 square foot spaces in the home, auto and office. Within 24 hours the bags eliminate smoke, body odor, toxic odors from interior painting, gasoline and kerosene fumes, adult and baby waste odors in bathrooms and nurseries, Pediatrician Approved by me, Dr. Tamika Patilla, MD.

Made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal, our air purifier charcoal bag is the most convenient, most practical and safest solution to keep spaces free from any kind of unpleasant odor or fume. Also, Natural Aroma is an air purifier that protects room inhabitants from air-borne pathogens that transmit the coronavirus, influenza and the common cold. Leo Petal’s Bamboo Charcoal is sourced from China where bamboo trees grow 3-4 feet per day because of the environmental conditions and how porous the bamboo is! When those trees are harvested and slowly baked at 800 degrees to a charcoal state, the bamboo becomes the MOST porous source for absorption on earth! Bamboo Charcoal is fragrance-, residue- and chemical-free. Our activated charcoal odor adsorbed bag also has great anti-bacterial properties that are biodegradable– in case you throw it away, the activated charcoal bag will never harm the earth!

In 2020, we expanded our offering to large room residential, commercial and industrial purifiers to compliment our impressive small space collections.  Now we can play a larger role in helping people around the world to realize the secrets the wealthy have used for years to stay looking young and live long healthy lives! 

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