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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services

Is this you?

Do you have a lack of awareness about air purification, although you feel like you should do something for your employees, customers or family indoor health to reduce irritations and allergy attacks?

Do you think the cost of air purifiers is either too cheap or too expensive and you don't know anyone who has had success in air purification?

Do you have concerns about the cost of air purification as it relates to maintenance of a machine, so instead you avoid it?

Do you have a healthy dose of skepticism about the effectiveness of air purification after COVID19 halted businesses and infected so many Americans.

In reality Air purification is not a priority because you don't know enough and there are other things you can do to improve your livelihood?

What if I told you, there are steps you can take today to improve your indoor air quality?

  1. Improve ventilation by opening windows

  2. Lower dust levels by upgrading and changing your HVAC filter more frequently

  3. Utilize spot ventilation in your home, when cooking use the overhead vent and when in the bathroom use the vent switch.

These simple three steps will help to recirculate more clean air in your home.

Air Purifier Systems provides Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services to residential and commercial properties. Schedule a quote on the link below.

We set-up monitoring equipment in your home or business and set them up by zone.

Interview you and occupants to gain insights into pre-existing conditions and how you are currently affected by your indoor air


Our monitoring devices, monitor the air for the following:

  • CO2 which measures if your properties ventilation system has the ability to adjust the airflow to keep rooms comfortable and not get stuffy and cause dizziness to occupants

  • Particle Matter is dust particles either from pollen, vehicle exhaust, smoke or dust, however when they are smaller than the width of a hair follicle, you can't see them without an air quality monitor.  COVID19 was smaller than 2.5 microns, the width of a hair is 100 microns.  We monitor particles from PM1-PM10

  • VOC's are volatile organic compounds that come from mold, fumes and gases in your home or business that trigger headaches and dizziness

  • Formaldehyde is found in paints, varnishes and paint thinners and can cause cancer with prolonged exposure

  • Humidity measures the amount of water vapor in the air and the higher the water vapor the greater the chance of your space being susceptible to mold growth on walls and ceilings

We monitor all these indoor air quality conditions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  We track the fluctuations including the peaks and provide FREE investigation service to diagnose the indoor air quality issues and determine if you need ventilation, filtration or humidity control equipment to improve your indoor air quality,

We help you focus on enjoying time with your employees, customers and families and give you peace of mind that the 30,000 breathes you take indoors are healthy and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Contact us today for an appointment. Our services are available in Cuyahoga, Medina, Summit, Geauga Counties.

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