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Air Purifiers for Training Facilities and Homes

Professional and Elite athletes use Medical Grade Air Purifiers in their training facilities, recovery rooms, and homes – especially the bedroom!

A person’s respiratory abilities decrease by 50% when lying down, making it difficult for the lungs to properly filter out pollutants.

As an Elite Triathlete, my VO2 max is important to be able to complete high intensity training intervals and maintain speeds while swimming, cycling and running during an event.

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Elite triathletes believe air quality is part of their respiratory training plan. There are many contaminants circulating in the air that can travel deep into the lungs and cause decreased lung function and other serious health problems.

Indoor Cycling training intervals can last anywhere from 60 minutes to 5 hours and without clean air circulating the room to create fresh ventilated air, your VO2 max suffers Studies show these contaminants can hinder an athlete’s Vo2 Max. (1) Researchers theorize this is because of low oxygen transport from the air sacs in the lungs.

Moreover, resting/recovery is a vital part of athletic performance, too. Exercising damages muscle fibers. This is how a person grows stronger, through the continual breakdown and rebuilding of muscle fiber.

When I was not sleeping well after workouts, I turned to air purification as a solution to cleaner air circulation and most of all, better sleep.

In 2018, before using air purifiers, I struggled to break the top 20 in any triathlon competition I competed in.

In 2022, training with Air Purifiers and recovering with air purifiers, I have been on the podium 2 times and finished top in both of those races and my VO2 Max improved from 40 to 50!

Our Clinical Approval

Our clinically proven selection of medical grade air purifiers trap and deactivate covid-19 particles, traps ink fumes from printers, exhaust fumes from vehicles and eliminates dust levels that cause irritations in employees:

Based on the size of your spaces you will:

  • Create a Safer Breathing Environment
  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
  • Increase Employee Productivity
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Austin Air Healthmate Plus

  • 1500 Sq. Ft
  • 400CFM

Allerair Pro 6 Vocarb

  • 2000 Sq. Ft
  • 560 CFM

Airpura P700

  • 2500 Sq. Ft
  • 635 CFM

Electrocorp EL AR Air Rhino HEPA Commercial Air Purifier

  • 2500 Sq. Ft
  • 635 CFM