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Air Purification Awareness Marketing Resources

Welcome to Air Purifier Systems Dealer Marketing Resources - A resource for helping you raise awareness on the importance of air purification in our homes and business.  

I'm Leo Petal and in since I've started studying indoor air quality in 2018, I have not missed a day to learn about air filtration & indoor ventilation.


More importantly, how to diagnose, mitigate and prevent indoor air contaminants from having an ill effect on your health.


The 1st resource I'm giving you is a 10 Email Marketing Sequence for My Air Care Monitor. Over the course of 10 emails, you will have opportunity to connect with customers through email.


Click Here to Download 10 Email Sequence


The 2nd resource I'm giving you is a Video raising awareness on uncomfortable indoor air quality and how My Air Care Monitor brings reality to what you are feeling and how to fix it! 

Another resource to connect to what customers are feeling and providing a message in a simple language everyone understands.