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Airpura H614 Particulate Relief with Super HEPA 560 CFM Air Purifier

$739.98 You Save: $-739.98 (100%)

Airpura H614 Particulate Relief with Super HEPA 560 CFM Air Purifier

$739.98 You Save: $-739.98 (100%)
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In Room Demo
Filter Plans
Filter Plans
Made in USA/CAN
Made in USA/CAN
Air Care Plan
Air Care Plan
For a LIMITED Time, Get the Airpura H614 Particulate Relief with Super HEPA Air Purifier, PLUS GET...


  • Lifetime FREE Repairs, Save $2000

  • Lifetime Free Shipping on orders, repairs, Save $3000

  • 10-Year Price Protection on Filter Replacement, Save $1500

  • PLUS a FREE Indoor Air Monitor with your Purchase Today, Save $200



Indoor Air Statistics


Did you know, according to the CDC, 60 Million people experience itchy eyes, throats, difficulty breathing, narrowing nasal passages because of allergies and asthma?


Not only that, but companies lost a record $2.9 Trillion dollars due to indoor air that trigger asthma and allergy attacks on the job.


Furthermore, according to the CDC, here are some of the primary triggers of allergy and asthma in homes and offices:

  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Food Allergies
  • Smog
  • Some Mold
  • Paint Fumes

To address these issues for families and businesses we found an expert!



Dr. Patilla Recommendation in Air Purification


In 2019, we partnered with Dr. Tamika Patilla, MD. to provide recommendations on the BEST Medical Grade Air Purifiers for Allergy and Asthma.


Dr. Patilla recommended the Airpura H700 Allergy and Asthma 635 CFM for Allergy and Asthma Irritation Relief because of the following:


  • 635 CFM – High CFM Means more Air Changes Per Hour and Greater Ventilation up to 2500 Square Foot Area


  • Super Quiet Operation - Ideal in family rooms, restaurants, doctor and dental offices, schools

    • Fewer Filter Changes - Medical Grade Prefilter, True HEPA Filter, Hi -Carbon Cloth provides exceptional relief for 12 months before replacement.


    Air Care Subscriptions


    In 2022, after listening to customers frustrations with medical grade air purifier filter replacements on their Airpura, we created Air Care Subscriptions.

    Our State-of-the-Art Subscription System does All the filter replacement planning for you automatically in ONE click so you keep your family, employees, and customers safe.

    Did you know?  
    Without PROOF of manufactured suggested filter replacement of your air purifier, your MANUFACTURE WARRANTY WILL be VOIDED and you will LOOSE $1,000's on repairs and replacement parts?

    Lifetime Air Care Plan Benefits

    • Free Shipping for Life
    • Free Repairs for Life, $1,000's in Repair Savings
    • Free Filter Replacement Notification App!
    • $1,000’s in Filter Replacement Savings
    • 1-on-1 Product Onboarding and Warranty Registration


    10-Year Price Protection Guarantee 


    • Two (2) Poly Prefilters delivered to your doorstep every 12 months for Life! - Save $500


    • One Hi -Carbon Filter delivered to your doorstep every 12 months for Life. - Save $1000


    • One True HEPA Filter delivered to your doorstep every 48 months for Life. - Save $1000

    $2500 in Savings and Peace of Mind!

    Sounds Good?

    Savings don't stop there!

    • FREE Repairs on the Airpura H700 Allergy and Asthma 635 CFM

    • If you unit cannot be repaired, it will REPLACED FREE OF CHARGE!

    Estimated Value = $1800 over the Life of the Airpura H700 Allergy and Asthma 635 CFM.


    Savings on the Rising COST of Shipping is UnMatched! 

    • FREE Shipping for Life
    • FREE SHIPPING on Your Order today
    • FREE SHIPPING on ALL Future Filter Order(s) for LIFE
    • FREE SHIPPINGG on ALL Shipping for Repairs for LIFE

    Estimated Value = $3000 over the Life of the Airpura H700 Allergy and Asthma 635 CFM
    It doesn’t Stop there, Savings Continue!

    VIP 1-on-1 Air Care Plan Service

    • Product Warranty Registration
    • Product Set-up
    • Filter Replacement Walk Through
    • Troubleshooting with a Dedicated Product Support Rep for Life

    VIP assistance!  What’s that worth to you!  At Air Purifier Systems, it’s Complimentary.


    We ONLY OFFER 100 Lifetime Air Care Plans EACH MONTH, ONCE they SELL OUT, THEY WILL NOT Be AvailableAGAIN for 20-30 Days




    AS A BONUS, receive a FREE Airpura Smart Air Monitor with the Lifetime Air Care Plan!



    The Airpura Smart Air Quality Monitor sends easy to understand readings to your smart phone when it detects harmful, invisible, and odorless pollutants inside your home or office.



    Keep track of your overall air quality level for FREE! $200 Value!



    Don’t Miss Out on Next Generation Air Purification!

    • Airpura H700 Allergy and Asthma 635 CFM
    • Filter Subscription Plan
    • Inflation Protection - 10 Year Price Lock Guarantee: Filters
    • VIP Customer Support
    • Lifetime Air Care Plan = Over $5000 in Savings on Shipping, Repairs and Filter Costs!
    • FREE Smart Air Quality Monitor with your Purchase of Lifetime Air Care Plan

  for RFQ for Volume Orders.

    Volume Orders Will Receive Service Agreement Benefits, Per UNIT!

      Shipping and Handling

      • Air Purifier Systems picks orders, ships them and provides tracking numbers by email within 24-48 hours.

      • If we are unable to ship your order within 48 hours we will send you an update to your email with additional information on when you can expect your order.  

      Return Policy

      • Air Purifier Systems honors a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days to return the product after receiving it.  

      • Refunds are initiated once product is recieved back to our warehouse.

      • Customer Service will initate Return Call Tag for Tracking on Defective Products ONLY

      • To initiate a return within 30 Days

      • Email us

      • Call Us  (833) 427-6622

      America’s ONLY Lifetime Air Care Plan provides $5000 in Savings on repair, shipping, filter and filter replacements. If we are unable to repair your unit, it will be replaced FREE of CHARGE. Plus Get 1-on-1 Product Orientation Registration and Filter Replacement Support! As a Bonus Get a Free Smart Air Monitor - $200 Value.

      Austin Air, Airpura and Alorair products are automatically registered for lifetime warranty at the point of sell and tracked by your invoice number.

      Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan covers Airpura, Austin Air and Alorair units including and not limited to fan motors, nobs, and expensive electronic components EXCEPT Replacement Filters.

      • Never Pay Repairs Costs for Life (Save $1100)
      • Never Pay Shipping Costs for Life (Save $2000)
      • Lifetime Air Care Plan App ONLY Filter Pricing (Save $2000)
      • Lifetime Air Care Plan ONLY Air Purifier Pricing (HUGE Savings)
      • Live 1-on-1 Product Orientation, Registration and Filter Replacement How-To(s)

      Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan will void, and Air Purifier Systems shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages or product damages occurring from being dropped, kicked, fallen upon or any other damage that occurs outside of the natural function of the air purifier. 

      You are automatically subscribed to the filter replacement subscriptions for Life, IF SUBSCRIPTION IS CANCELLED THE Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan IS VOIDED. If payment interruption occurred in error, we will contact you to update your records.

      Some countries, districts, or states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of relief, incidental, consequential, special, or indirect damages, or the limitation of liability to special amounts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you, please check with your local commerce departments.

      Purchaser needs to contact Air Purifier Systems at the time of malfunction at: or 833.427.6622 to arrange

      -shipping label for return


      This warranty is the sole and exclusive extended warranty of Air Purifier Systems. No employee, agent, dealer, or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Air Purifier Systems.

      Air Purifier Systems

      6100 Oak Tree Blvd. S-200

      Independence, OH 44131


      (833) 427.6622

      Based on 33 reviews
      Eco Quest PureAir 3000
      Margarete Drabicki
      I like it but please send me a pamphlet for ec-o quest pure air 3000

      am being told that I cannot keep it on all the time because it makes the air too clean and it will mess up my lungs---is this true

      Wow! Great product for the price!

      Used the Natural Aroma Bags in the bathroom and they eliminate odors fast and removed the humidity too!

      AlorAir® Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber
      Brian Dynes

      AlorAir® Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

      Austin Air Healthmate Jr. Replacement Filter FR200A FR200B
      Maryellen Mckee
      Great Air purification

      This air filter makes a very noticeable difference in dealing with dust and odors.
      Second one I’ve purchased.

      AlorAir® Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber
      chad manix
      Next level

      So far so good. Seems to be doing what it says it'll do. We are doing a kitchen remodel and it's helped a lot with keeping the dirt out of the air as we remove the old cabinets. The client appreciates the extra work being done to keep her house clean. Hopefully this will help take our company to the next level.

      Amaircare 2500 Plus Annual Kit Item # 93-A-08SS00-ET
      Pamela Pittsford

      Fast Service

      Amaircare Airwash 4000 VOC Chem 10-A-1KWG-07
      Mark Beaty

      Works really well to dampen odors from indoor plants. After almost a month of use I am happy so far.

      Allerair Airmed/Pro Series UV Light Bulb Filter 10W
      Elan Carmel
      Excellent all around

      I researched several models and solutions for home air purification. My story starts at home, we have 3 small children who started having severe allergies and coughing fits. We bought a 70 year old house that was not well kept and realized that the vents were never cleaned. We also did some home improvements recently that were done incorrectly and it spread a lot of old insulation dust that which got into the vents.. we hired a vent cleaning company and that didn't really help as much as we had hoped because the insulation dust is so small, tradition filters didn't work. I found Air Purifier Systems, spoke with Leo and helped me to buy the correct air purifier for my home. The Allerair Airmed/Pro Series UV arrived shortly after I ordered it, but unfortunately UPS must have dropped it in transit and it arrive slightly damaged. I contacted Air Purifier Systems, they immediately went into action and a couple of days later a new one arrived in pristine condition. This Allerair Airmed/Pro is EXCELLENT. the dust level has dropped, our home air feels better and we are extremely happy with the air purify and Air Purifier Systems. From start to finish, Leo helped me all the way and we couldn't be happier. You, which ever system you buy from Air Purifier Systems, are in the best hands! Thank you and be well

      Eco Quest Maintenance Pack for Fresh Air 2 and above with Ozone Filter Cell
      Jerry Dawson

      What I received was great but now I need the power fuse and can't find what the number is and I can't read what's printed on it.

      Airocide APS-200 RCK Replacement Filter Chamber KIT
      Timothy fischer
      1 month wait time

      Stay away from this site. They don’t keep stock of their items and are not helpful when your shipment takes over a month for delivery. You’ve been warned.


      I apologized for the 30 day lag time, that said we responded to each of your concerns with honest answers and If we are out of stock and Airocide is out of stock for 30 days, it just proof that more Americans like yourself know that value of air purification and maintaining the unit with replacement filters annually. Furthermore, we explained to you that because of the increase in demand we started expanding our inventory. What about our site should any consumer be warned about, most air purifier suppliers are have supply issues because of the demand created by COVID19. I wish you the best but we did not earn a 1-star rating, nor did we earn a 5-star....Be well and Breathe Safe

      Airpura H600 & 700 Carbon, HEPA, Prefilter Replacement Bundle

      Thank you. I have received my hepa barrier filter. Thank you for coming thru.

      Airocide APS-200 RCK Replacement Filter Chamber KIT
      Paul Pancari
      Great reaction chamber

      This is different then a standard hepa filter this is and airocide better fresh air then standard hepa units thank you air purifier systems

      My Daughter Loves It!

      This was the perfect system to buy for my daughter. Is has made a world of difference with her breathing. Thank you!

      Eco Quest Living Air Purifier XL-15 (Classic)
      christine beauchamp

      I am satisfied with xl-15. I did not get the extra fuse that was listed. On the packing slip. All other good. Received shipment in very timely manner.

      Eco Quest Fresh Air Black Air Purifiers
      Clare Armstrong

      Eco Quest Fresh Air Black Air Purifiers

      Eco Quest Ozone Blaster 7000
      David Inman
      ozone Blaster blaster 7G

      Used it in cars to get rid of odors out of the cars used to get rid of smoke odors

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - Ozone Free
      Heather L

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - Ozone Free

      Natural Aroma Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags 200G (Case - 10 Pack)
      Princess J
      Great product

      This is a great product so far, I love it. I dont have to worry about any heavily scented fragrances.

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - With Ozone
      Gary Daniels

      Great little device does exactly what I wanted.

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - Ozone Free

      great service and fast shipping

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - With Ozone
      Herbert Davis

      Eco Quest ActivePure RCI PCO Cell 9" Filter - With Ozone

      The highest quality!

      Great product. Great customer service!

      Great Value

      The reviews I read helped me decide to purchase this item. Seems to be a really good product, but I just started using it. I'm encouraged to see how it will work. Initially! put it in direct sunlight to activate it.


      I have carpet odors from many years of cat and dog ownership. I have been happy with this product and plan to purchase more for more rooms in my house.


      I used it for my son's very stinky athletic shoes. After a few days the bad smell was completely gone. Great product.

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