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Lifetime Air Care Plan - Service Plan

$ 399.00 $499.00 You Save: $100.00 (20.04%)

Lifetime Air Care Plan - Service Plan

$ 399.00 $499.00 You Save: $100.00 (20.04%)
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Friday, Sep. 29 - Friday, Oct. 06
Highest Quality
Highest Quality
Air Quality Experts
Air Quality Experts
Delivery 3-5 Days
Delivery 3-5 Days
Return Policy
Return Policy

 Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan Service provides 5-Star Service and a Lifetime of Protection.

  • Get Free Filter Changes on your Units for Life

  • Free Shipping on any repairs

  • If we are unable to repair your unit, it will be replaced FREE of CHARGE.

  • Zero Repair Costs covered after manufacture warranty expires


Our Guarantee is the Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan covers Airpura, Austin Air and Allerair, Select Electrocorp units including and not limited to fan motors, nobs and all electronic components EXCEPT Replacement Filters.

Never Pay Repairs Costs for Life (Save $1100)

Never Pay Packing & Shipping Costs for Life (Save $1300)

Never Pay for Replacement Parts (Nobs, Wheels, fans) for Life (Save $600)

Dedicated Service Agents - Peace of Mind

Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan will void, and Air Purifier Systems shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages or product damages occurring from being dropped, kicked, fallen upon or any other damage that occurs outside of the natural function of the air purifier. 


You must maintain regular filter changes or the Lifetime Air Care Plan will VOID. We recommend you SUBSCRIBE to the Air Care Subscription plan for your model for filter replacement.

IF SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE CANCELLED THE Air Purifier Systems Lifetime Air Care Plan CLAIMS could be DENIED without PROOF of Filter Replacement.


Some countries, districts, or states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of relief, incidental, consequential, special, or indirect damages, or the limitation of liability to special amounts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you, please check with your local commerce departments.


Purchaser needs to contact Air Purifier Systems at the time of malfunction at: or 833.427.6622 to arrange


-shipping label for return




This warranty is the sole and exclusive extended warranty of Air Purifier Systems. No employee, agent, dealer, or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Air Purifier Systems.

Lifetime Air Care Plan can be cancelled at any time without notice

Air Purifier Systems
6100 Oak Tree Blvd. S-200
Independence, OH 44131
(833) 427.6622

Return Policy

  • Air Purifier Systems honors a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days to return the product after receiving it.  

  • Refunds are initiated once product is recieved back to our warehouse.

  • You will be responsible for returning the unit if we paid shipping, otherwise we will issue a return shipping tag

  • To initiate return Email or Call (833) 427-6622

Based on 167 reviews
My Air Care Monitor
Jonathan Markle
Seems to work...

The monitor seems to work as advertised, but I cannot get the device off military time. I tried to contact the manufacturer, but they never responded.

Bought for our school kitchen. Only used about a month because we’ve been off school for Christmas Break. I love the fresher air we have now. So much so that I’m going to buy one for my house when I get my income tax money. Thank you.

Airpura UV700 Air Purifier
Michael Valencia
Saved my Air Care

My airway is sensitive to most chemicals, especially ozone and smoke. I live in a very humid area so in the summer when the heat, humidity and ozone are all higher my airway becomes enflamed and closes. I have another medical condition which prevents me from using steroids to open the airway. I was required to leave my home and family during the summer to be able to breath. My son found the Airpura UV700 and it has changed my life. With this air purifier I don't notice anything. Last summer it got up to AIQ of over 170 outside and I was just fine. It does mean that I have to stay inside for the worst of the summer but I can breath and function with a clear head. This winter we had several wild fires in our area. I had no problems. The last time we had smoke I was in the hospital for a week. I have a UV700 on each floor of the house along with a dehumidifier. I have tried other expensive air purifiers but non that removed the ozone or smoke

Great air purifier choice

We wanted an air purification system for a laboratory environment to reduce the risk of COVID aerosol transmission. We chose this unit for one area and a different brand HEPA/UVC for a different room. While we don't have a way to directly measure effectiveness, the Airpura UV700 seems to have far superior filtration because of its three filters plus the UVC. We leave it running constantly on a lower speed per the recommendations and the air quality difference is obvious. Considering buying again for other areas.

1st major Air Purifier purchase

Purchased the Austin Air Healthmate at the recommendation of family who had a good experience with it. My home has multiple allergy sufferers and this purifier has almost completely eliminated our symptoms while indoors. An unexpected side benefit is that I rarely have to dust now because it no longer seems to accumulate on our furniture. Lastly, we also have multiple indoor pets and again, allergy symptoms almost completely eliminated. The noise level of the device on low (which is recommended for continuous use) is very reasonable and quickly becomes forgotten. I highly recommend this air purifier for anyone who suffers from allergies and asthma like myself.

Oh Wow!

Excellent product and works better than any other air purifier that I have experienced .. Very powerful unit

Clean Indoor Air in New York!

Living in NY and an Air purifier is a good purchase if the air quality is really not clean due to urban area like here…

Oil Paint Fume Remover

I am an oil painter, it removes all the fumes from my work area. I have no more breathing problems. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one years ago.Thank you so much!

Bar Air Quality Excellence

I am writing to inform you of how satisfied I am with the Allerair Airmedic filter system that your Air Purifier Systems sold to Jen's Den Bar. The air quality has improved immensely and our clients have mentioned that there is a noticeable difference. Thank you, again.

So far so GREAT!

Powerful cleaner. No more dust particles floating in the air, easily moves from room to room. Pretty effective at removing odor as well. On high, the ventilation is amaizing, but just a quiet hum on the lowest speed. Only had it a few days -- let's see if I still love it a year from now!

Allerair Magic!

Able to take care of fumes right at our laser machine before they get into the general air in our shop. Have an Allerair Pro 5 to take care of rest of shop for any residual odors/fumes. Good buy and would recommend

Allerair Airmedic Pro 5!

Came within promised time frame. Works very well, from very powerful at low air flow. When it is turned down low, the fan sound is low.

Breathing better now

I could breath much better the first night I slept with it working. Leave it on low all the time now.

Great Air Purifier Recommendation

Filter is great- quiet enough to use in busy office setting shared by multiple staff.

Awesome Air Purifier

We purchased the F700dlx to mitigate formaldehyde gassing off in our motorhome. It has become indispensable for my wife who has multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome and allows us to enjoy our motorhome in health.

Great Recommendation

It works really well. Virtually no dust or particles seen now in the sunlight coming thru our windows. Cig Smoke smell greatly constantly in low speed. price made us hesitant at first, but glad we purchased the P714 from Air Purifier Systems. Thanks for the recommendation!

Airpura F700DLX is the Best against paint odors

The best Hepa air purifier I have found. As a painting contractor, sometimes our work is stinky, The Airpura works best at eliminating those smells for in areas where people may be sensitive.

Thank you Air Care Support

The Airpura P700's are an excellent addition to our reception area where we have many customer come through the high volume area.

Austin Air Healthmate

We now own 5 of Austin Air Healthmates in 3 houses, and we have gifted 3 to family members. The oldest is 3 years old and has never required more than dusting!! We run them on low 24/7 and allergies decline drastically. If a house has sat empty for a few weeks, the house is fresh smelling, no stale. I bought a competing brand to try in a smaller bedroom since the smaller unit is no longer available, and it just isn’t as good.

Incredible Air Purifier

Simple and straight forward to operate with three settings of air amount and off dial. No lights no remote control just a super high quality machine that does the job of cleaning air in my home. Love the ability to roll it room to room and the air filter lasts for five years. Excellent product. Would consider adding another Austin to my home in the near future and I must say thank you to the courteous staff at Air Purifier Systems

Thank you Air Purifier Systems

First of all, I was not prepared for how amazing the Austin Healthmate would work, even with my high expectations. It is amazing, and just realizing after a few days how much less dust we have in our home is testament to it's effectiveness. Our unit arrived with some cosmetic damage that didn't affect how it functioned. The staff at The Air Purifier Systems were receptive and quick to address our issues. I will for sure be buying another in the next few months.

Great Product Strongly Recommend

I got this air purifier because my daughter's asthma got pretty bad, when we started doing some remodeling in our home. The dust was EVERYWHERE. Her health improved dramatically after only a couple of days of using the the Austin Air Healthmate Plus. Also, everyone's allergies improved. Definitely recommend this product

All Your Air Care Needs

Came within promised time frame. Works very well, from very powerful to low air flow. When it is turned down low, the fan sound is low. I recommend Air Purifier Systems for all your Air Care Needs!

Allerair Pro 5 Plus

It does the job to remove fumes and dander. And as a designer, I think it is a cool design. It has been a huge blessing in my life.

Home Art Studio

This is my second Allerair Pro 5 Exec purchase. Works great keeping all the fumes down so I can enjoy my hobby. Great service from this company with fast and free shipping. Best price too. thanks

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