Airpura G600DLX Odor - For the Chemically Sensitive (MCS) Air Purifier


Airpura G600DLX Odor - For the Chemically Sensitive (MCS) Air Purifier

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Product Description


Are you looking for a Medical Grade Commercial Air Purifier  for severely chemical sensitive family or office members? The Airpura G600DLX is coveted by severely chemical sensitive individuals like you who are committed to superior indoor air quality for themselves, their families and medical offices, nursing homes and schools.

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  • 5 - Year Warranty

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G600DLX Filter Replacement Timelines

  • Prefilter Poly Prefilter 2PK - Vacuumable - Replace: 12 months
  • 26 lbs of prized German-sourced carbon that has no odor and is exclusive for more sensitive individuals while offering superior filtration - Replace: 24-30 months
  • Hepa Barrier filter captures 95% of airborne particles, as small as 1 micron. - Replace: 12 months

This unit has three (3) variants available which are designed to filter based on the severity of your chemical sensitivity. Those variants are based on the carbon filter type and the size of the carbon filter upgrade.  The more severe the chemical sensitivity the more carbon filtration capability of the unit. 

  • G600 has 18lb. German Carbon Filter
  • G600DLX has a 26lbs. German Carbon Filter
  • G614 comes with 18lbs and a SUPER HEPA filter.

The G600DLX will obliterate putrid stenches, panic attack level eye and throat irritations and anxiety associated with the indoor airborne presence of household chemicals, odors, pollen, mold spores, dust and allergens  Experience jaw dropping improvements in your indoor air quality without the irritations and hostility of carbon filtration odor!

    G600DLX Technical Specs:

    • Next Level Free Air Flow with Elite 560 CFM Fan Speed
    • Risk Free with Zero Ozone Emissions
    • 360° air distribution allows for purification for up to 2000 sq. ft with 2 air exchanges an hour (based on 8-foot ceilings).
    • Sleek machine design that will blend in with all decors.
    • Easy to follow care and maintenance
    • Cram Your Wallet with Energy-efficient Know How By Operating your Airpura on Medium Speed 24/7 for $0.27/day!

      General Specifications:

      • Dimension 23" High, 15" Wide
      • Colors Black, White, Beige
      • Housing Materials Powder coat steel
      • Fan Speed Variable
      • Casters Yes
      • Voltage 115 or 220 volts

        Upgrade Options:

        • 26 LBS, Impregnated Carbon Filter The potassium iodide accelerates the binding of chemicals faster and thus removes them quicker (Potassium Iodide + Coconut Shell Carbon